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Posted by djt820 - August 7th, 2019

I gotta tell ya, there's so much shit happening right now and since I'm the kind of guy who likes making lists, I'm gonna make a list of what's happening!

  • My band OLD BLOOD just released a new song and music video with our new singer Lynx titled "Bloody Feathers". This fucker has a mean groove. Love how the video turned out. It can be viewed here: https://youtu.be/dCs_s0mOAlY
  • The band is also going on a mini-tour around Southern California and Nevada starting today too. All cylinders a go. Full throttle. Choo choo here we fucking come.
  • I'm eagerly awaiting the results of the NGUAC 2019 music competition. Lots of competitors and I wish everyone the best. It's always fun participating in these events. Check out my song "Mean and Serene" to hear my submission for the contest.


Posted by djt820 - January 8th, 2019

I figured this could use an update. So it's been almost 2 years since I've returned to NG. Prior to that, I was gone for 5 years. In my previous post, I mentioned I had a band called OLD BLOOD and we were going on tour that summer. Well, we did and it was an incredible life experience. So much so that we are prepping for a tour this year. We just released a music video to a newly recorded song called "Enjoy. The Devil" and you can check that out herehttps://youtu.be/FYqxOtlLLLw

And to those who haven't heard our debut record, check out our website here: http://oldbloodgroup.com

Now to talk about Newgrounds itself: I've released quite a few solo tracks since 2017 and I've been enjoying my time here. I got my very first front page feature with a song called "I Have No Mouth and I Must Scream". That pumped me up quite a bit. It only took 13 years right? haha. Well, that motivated me to join one of the audio contests in the forums and by my surprise, I won first place. My song "Fear As Though You've Never Feared" will also be front paged so that's 2 in a row. I'm really thankful to everyone who put the contest together. It was a lot of fun being a part of it.

Well, on top of that, I was invited to judge one of the current events so I'm more active on Newgrounds than I've ever been. Expect more to come. 

-Your Dad


Posted by djt820 - March 4th, 2017

So here I am! Back after 5 years of not uploading anything. I recently just uploaded 2 metal tunes if any of y'all still remember or follow me.

Also, I have a band called OLD BLOOD and we've been making some waves. We're an Acid Doom Metal band. We kind of sound like Black Sabbath meets Pink Floyd but with crazy female lead vocals. We released our debut album last summer and have been featured by Rolling Stone Magazine, Classic Rock Magazine, and Doom Charts. We're going on tour this summer and will have our arsenal of CDs, vinyl records, shirts, and stickers.

Check us out here: https://oldbloodgroup.bandcamp.com

I will continue to upload some new stuff here as the music comes to me so prepare your ear holes.

Posted by djt820 - September 4th, 2010

Check out my new band Binary. We're an experimental indie metal band. I will be uploading previews of songs on this page from now on. We need as much support and input as possible!


Our newest song on Youtube:
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9975-DL qu_o

Posted by djt820 - January 24th, 2010

So, NG is becoming a horrible place to get song criticism so I might not upload here as much. Anyways, some thing have been happening with me. I got my internet shut off and its still shut off. That in itself means less submissions. Also, on the good side, Im building a powerhouse overthe top, overkill PC which will be my mini recording studio of doom soon enough. That in itself means less submissions. Eithe way, I'll still be sticking around some and im still looking for good criticism and more music from other metallers on NG so stick around ... or not.

Posted by djt820 - April 27th, 2009

Well, I've finally got the hand of recording but I still deal with my computer's BS all the time. I would write more complex peices if my computer wouldnt spazz all the time. Anyways, Me and my guitar friend plan on writing a concept album and I'll probably be uploading alot of the songs here. The songs will be about life and reality. That Connection song is the first. We're still getting the hang on singing and we MIGHT get a surprise solo in one song from a flute player I know. I just need to get a high quality mic. Im still up for any collaboration of any type. HIT ME UP!

Posted by djt820 - June 28th, 2008

Well, Im in a band if you didnt know. Inexorabilis is the name. Look for us on youtube and myspace but due to the fact, Im focusing more on the band so I might not submitting as much music here. I will come about and submit from time to time though(LIKE TODAY W00T!) but dont worry, I'll always be here no matter what.
Cheers and thanks for the support from the few I get it from!

Posted by djt820 - October 8th, 2007

The cover era is over. No more covers. Im tired of the bitching I always get so from now on, I will only put up originals. Now, I might throw in a cover once in a while but Im done with the drama bitching so fuck you and die in a fire if you choose to do so...