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I might not be on as much as I used to.

2008-06-28 17:55:53 by djt820

Well, Im in a band if you didnt know. Inexorabilis is the name. Look for us on youtube and myspace but due to the fact, Im focusing more on the band so I might not submitting as much music here. I will come about and submit from time to time though(LIKE TODAY W00T!) but dont worry, I'll always be here no matter what.
Cheers and thanks for the support from the few I get it from!


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2008-07-03 04:36:05

Hope too see you on ewhen you get the time :(

djt820 responds:

Dont you worry darling! *hugs*


2009-02-18 20:28:33

Got yourself a new fan :)

djt820 responds:

Could always use some of those. Cool!