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Haha, good concept

Pretty good flash. I have a ps3 but I dont care about bashing of systems. I enjoy my system. But there is a pretty hefty amount of 360 fanboys on NG. Good animation. Keep up the good work!


since im not a big link fan. I dont know wtf this was about. but it was pretty cool. it looked like the chicken was giving that girl head :D

Pretty cool

It was pretty cool. Got sorta boring in the big crowd of pacmans but ur better at it then me. Good job.

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5 out of 5! I love this game! Played it for 20 minutes straight. So much fun wrecking shit.

This is a super fun game. Love the Ferrari look. Controls are good. Voted 5

Really well made game. Great retro feel. Voted 5

antonmarcelo responds:

Thanks! But I´m in dev phase yet. I´ll implement a lot of new things!

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This is like listening to the Wario version of Paperboy. Bravo.

***Jan. NAC 2019 Judge review***

Maybe it's because I'm at the end of judging this competition but this one does not hold my interest. It's not a horrible track but it gets boring quick. I can see the FL Studio session. Mixing has a lot to be desired too.

Better than what I was doing in '03 though, hahaha.

***Jan. NAC 2019 Judge review***

There are some ideas here that aren't bad on paper but are just poorly executed. I can hear what you're trying to achieve but you just haven't grasped it yet.

The fuzz is completely overbearing. The drums are the worst offender here. The drums are completely off tempo and kill the mood for the entire song. It's very hard to distinguish what is going on in the song.

I have to respect you for the effort. Keep at it.

I make music and try to make peace.

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