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My band OLD BLOOD and returning after 5 years

2017-03-04 15:42:36 by djt820

So here I am! Back after 5 years of not uploading anything. I recently just uploaded 2 metal tunes if any of y'all still remember or follow me.

Also, I have a band called OLD BLOOD and we've been making some waves. We're an Acid Doom Metal band. We kind of sound like Black Sabbath meets Pink Floyd but with crazy female lead vocals. We released our debut album last summer and have been featured by Rolling Stone Magazine, Classic Rock Magazine, and Doom Charts. We're going on tour this summer and will have our arsenal of CDs, vinyl records, shirts, and stickers.

Check us out here:

I will continue to upload some new stuff here as the music comes to me so prepare your ear holes.


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2017-03-04 16:14:38

Very nice (y)


2017-03-04 17:31:59

that's awesome i hope you will enjoy your tour.
have a good time okay ^_^ your really lucky