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Ok. 2010. Holy shit

2010-01-24 02:30:48 by djt820

So, NG is becoming a horrible place to get song criticism so I might not upload here as much. Anyways, some thing have been happening with me. I got my internet shut off and its still shut off. That in itself means less submissions. Also, on the good side, Im building a powerhouse overthe top, overkill PC which will be my mini recording studio of doom soon enough. That in itself means less submissions. Eithe way, I'll still be sticking around some and im still looking for good criticism and more music from other metallers on NG so stick around ... or not.


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2010-02-27 17:21:38

Hey I layered your ORION cover with another persons metal version. And I was wondering if I could use it in a youtube video? With a link back to you of course. And also could I put it on my newgrounds site as a colaboration?

djt820 responds:

Go for it. That Orion cover is ANCIENT though.


2010-07-22 18:40:59

I Finished the ORION S&M colaboration yours with Metaljonus. It took awhile to get all the timing issues straight but it's done click my name and lemme know what you think.